Digital Techno Illusionist in Dubai for SAMSUNG Note 8 Launch
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Illusionista Milano, Prestigiatore Milano, Mago Milano, techno illusionist
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Digital Techno Illusionist in Dubai for SAMSUNG

30 Sep Digital Techno Illusionist in Dubai for SAMSUNG

Digital Techno Illusionist @ Dubai for SAMSUNG Note 8 Launch

Gianlupo performed a custom show for the launch of the new Samsung Galaxy Note8 in Dubai. The launch took place at the Rixos Premium hotel and welcomed journalists and general managers from the Korean company. Gianlupo as a Techno Illusionist / Digital Illusionist has created an personalised show for the occasion, fully personalized with a story related to the product.

The show liked everyone, including Chung Lyong Lee, president of Samsung Gulf Electronics.

The show started with Gianlupo’s interactions with a 65-inch Samsung TV screen, playing with lights, pulling out objects from the TV and found it was “invited” to the new Samsung Note 8 presentation and began its journey to discovering the new electronic device.

At the end of the show, a cloud of confetti covered the room and began the trip inside the “Experience Zone” where it was possible by journalists and bloggers to take a look about the wonderful technological skills of the new Samsung Note8.

Gianlupo is a Digital Techno Illusionist always available to offer custom shows for companies that require proper personalization. Particular thanks goes to Frederic Sharp Magician who has involved Gianlupo and Giulia Mind (Gianlupo’s assistant) in this fantastic adventure.

Below are some photographs of the show:

When you have to choose how to launch a new business product it is always difficult to find the best solution. Gianlupo and his staff will be happy to help you present an original and creative proposal for managing director so their will be happy with the presentation. The goal is to create a good show an amaze the audience and let remind everyone about the event to be sponsored. Digital Techno Illusionist, a new way of presenting magic as you have never seen , high tech effects and technology interaction that will enjoy for sure.

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