Mago Illusionista Prestigiatore a Venezia
Illusionista Milano, Prestigiatore Milano, Mago Milano. GianLupo offre Spettacoli di Magia. Show da palco per conventions, cene aziendali e feste private.
Illusionista Milano, Prestigiatore Milano, Mago Milano, techno illusionist
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Illusionist Magician in Venice

Illusionist Magician in Venice

Illusionist Magician in Venice

Good morning,

I wanted to tell my last show of illusionism and prestidigitation. I performed a show of magic and illusion for the Ca ‘Foscari Film Festival.

The audience was stunned. The show took place at the theater auditorium Santa Margherita in Venice. The atmosphere was charming, which is why the show was even more effect.

The show is presented a Techno Show illusionism and technological wizardry. There are laser effects, levitation effects, games trasformirmo.

A stage act suitable for corporate events and private parties. The show can be customized with customer logo. Find more information in section shows. Here I am attaching the Vlog Backstage entertainment of Venice.

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