Techno Illusionist Singapore - HP Convention BALI
Illusionista Milano, Prestigiatore Milano, Mago Milano. GianLupo offre Spettacoli di Magia. Show da palco per conventions, cene aziendali e feste private.
Illusionista Milano, Prestigiatore Milano, Mago Milano, techno illusionist
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Techno Illusionist Singapore – Convention in BALI

Techno Illusionist Singapore – Convention in BALI

Gianlupo performed as Techno Illusionist at the last international convention held in Bali HP.

The president Anurag Kontu (Singapore Regional Marketing Hewlett-Packard) congratulated with him for the show. He congratulated with GianLupo for the innovative style and technology way to perform magic that characterizes the performances.

The convention event it was held at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Bali, here some photos of the performance.

        GianLupo Smart Magic

Gianlupo Smart Magic Bali

GianLupo Bali Hyatt 2

GianLupo entertained guests with an innovative customized show cutting-edge technology. The audience was amazed because he had never seen anything like that.

The staff of Gianlupo has been thrilled with the great experience and would like to thank Samantha Neo and Joel Ang of Launch Group for giving him the opportunity to participate in this wonderful event.