Apparizione V.I.P - GianLupo Techno Illusionist
Illusionista Milano, Prestigiatore Milano, Mago Milano. GianLupo offre Spettacoli di Magia. Show da palco per conventions, cene aziendali e feste private.
Illusionista Milano, Prestigiatore Milano, Mago Milano, techno illusionist
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V.I.P. Appaerance Illusion

GianLupo offers customized Big Illusion for companies.

Have you ever thought of making unique and unforgettable the arrival on the scene of  ‘Company CEO or head of a department ?

Gianlupo and his staff may propose ad-hoc solutions . The show allows the appearance of a V.I.P. thanks to a great illusion of easy apprehension but with a strong impact on the audience. A spectacular illusion effect that allows you to make the entrance of a person’s most striking , make it remain in the minds of your customers for a long time .

All GianLupo’s performances have the particular special use of technological tools to emphasize the most of the magical effect .

Your V.I.P. will be projected on a structure shown initially empty , and little time later will appear mysteriously the V.I.P., leaving the audience speechless . An innovative great illusion completely customizable with videos related to the company.

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