Techno Illusionist - Smart Magic Entertaiment
Illusionista Milano, Prestigiatore Milano, Mago Milano. GianLupo offre Spettacoli di Magia. Show da palco per conventions, cene aziendali e feste private.
Illusionista Milano, Prestigiatore Milano, Mago Milano, techno illusionist
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[:en]Techno Illusionist – Smart Magic Entertaiment[:it]Techno Illusionist – Smart Magic Entertaiment[:]

[:it]GianLupo is a professional Magician – Techno Illusionist specialized in Smart Magic.

Techno Show is a new concept of magic. Created on 2013 during the international “Salone del Mobile – Milano”. It were presented at Ermenegildo Zegna District during LG Electronics event. Inside the show there are:

Video Interactions, visual performance, video-projections, quick change performance, laser performance, levitations and illusions.

 An innovative show, engaging strong impact on the public, full of mystery and suggestion.

All presented in a brilliant and smart way. A unique show suitable for corporate convention and business meeting entertainment.

LCD MONITOR: GianLupo is be able to performance using 2 kind of screen: with the basic measurement sized 23 inches and with the standard one sized 47 inches. In addiction to the video support there can be added two different large screen which can be placed as backdrop (about 4ft x 6ft hight or 9ft x 7ft high) with scenic projections.

VIDEO PLAYBACK: The GianLupo’s Staff  will execute video assets in digital based format which can be integrated with your existing video playback system. For certain performances the use of two or more synchronized hard disk video playback devices is required. The resources will be available online for the download.

Depending on your setup, GianLupo is be able to provide at the customer a pre-configured video playback system fitted on your configuration. Please before accepting final bids consult us to define details.

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